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Panagbenga Festival 2012

Many times I have been into Baguio but this is the first time I am here during the month-long annual celebration of the Panagbenga Flower Festival!

Pangbenga literally means “A season for blossoming” according to the Mayor of the city, Mr. mauricio Domogan, during his welcome remarks at the Baguio City Athletic Bowl.

Here are some of my shots from this year’s Grand Street Dancing Parade last February 26.

Panagbenga Park 01

Start of parade at the Panagbenga Park.

Panagbenga 2012 (start of parade)

PMAers @ Panagbenga 2012

Notice one of the men =p

Band member


Panagbenga 2012

Bag-O Ttribe

tribe member dancing

Students from different schools wearing only bahag (loincloth) while performing tribal dances on the street.

Tribal dance

Panagbenga 2012

Panagbenga 2012

Beautiful smiles from contingents.

Panagbenga 2012

Panagbenga 2012

Panagbenga 2012

Baguio Athletic Bowl crowd

Inside Baguio City’s Athletic Bowl.

Turayan Tribe Singers

Panagbenga 2012

Different schools performing their interpretative tribal dances.

Turayan tribe

Panagbenga 2012

Panagbenga 2012

Panagbenga 2012

you can see the whole set of pictures here >>> http://www.flickr.com/photos/kites182/sets/72157629107416470/

Will be including my ‘celebrity’ and flower shots in my next post hehehe. =)

Thanks for viewing!



edit: have posted the additional pictures >>>  https://destinationewan.wordpress.com/2012/04/14/panagbenga-festival-2012-the-floats/



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