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Target shooting @ Stronghand Shooting Range

Tried shooting not with my DSLR camera this time but with a real gun hehe.

This is Stronghand Shooting Range, the first toxic-free indoor shooting range in the Philippines.


The range boasts off 18 bays with fully-automated target system, up to 20 meters of downrange, its turbine ventilation & exhaust system, its air-condition with multiple filters, their range officers on site and their small cafeteria called the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Cafe.




Range rules was posted on the registration area. OBEY! or else… =p

On with the ‘shoot’ hehe. Our weapon of choice was a standard 9mm caliber pistol.

The range officer briefed us first on how to properly handle a firearm, mentioned some rules on gun safety, how to properly load bullets, how to shoot properly, and how to clear for safety.


After the short lesson, we got to fire our first shots and here are the results hehe =)

April’s first shot:


Grace’s first shot:


My first shot: =)

The control for the distance of the target.

Really had a fun time shooting at an indoor range for the first time hehe. would definitely go back here to try the 38SPL and 45 caliber gun =)


How much have we spent?
Firing range fee including target board: 500 pesos per person x 3 persons = 1500 pesos
Gun rental: 500 pesos per gun x 2 guns = 1000 pesos (1 gun can be shared by up to two persons)
Bullet: 10 pesos per round x 100 rounds = 1000 pesos
Extra target board: 20 pesos
TOTAL = 3570 pesos.



more photos @ this >>> set  <<<

See you all on my next destinationewan!!! =)

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